Afterdark Isodrol 120 caps



Afterdark Isodrol 120 caps


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Afterdark Isodrol a powerful muscle-building testosterone booster.

Afterdark Isodrol 120 caps is a testosterone booster which contains three highly effective active substances. The supplement is dedicated to people who are looking for a strong action to promote an increase in testosterone levels. The action of the product activates the metabolic machinery responsible for increasing muscle mass. Increased protein synthesis, an increase in insulin sensitivity, an action that allows for the absorption of more protein – these are the main effects of the supplement. Afterdark Isodrol also reduces estrogen activity. This provides us with quality gains that do not risk swelling and the appearance of gynaecomastia.

Afterdark is a new supplement company that provides proven and uncompromising products. Read more about the brand on the blog 

Afterdark Isodrol is:

  • Powerful anabolic effects,
  • Increase in testosterone levels,
  • Reduced estrogen activity,
  • Increased protein synthesis,
  • Increased insulin sensitivity.

The Afterdark Isodrol supplement is worth combining with other brand products like 3B-Andro & Turkabolen.

Afterdark Isodrol composition:

1 serving, 1 capsule:

Androstenolone – 25 mg – known as DHEA is a naturally occurring steroid hormone. Its main action is to be a precursor for other steroid hormones. Greater access to DHEA in the human body can directly enhance greater testosterone production. This means that the substance is designed to stimulate our body to produce more anabolic hormones. It contributes to increased levels of steroid hormones such as testosterone, which can translate into increased muscle strength and improved sports performance.

Laxogenin – 25 mg – a powerful natural compound that has similar effects to hormones. Its main action is to increase Protein Synthesis. Laxogenin has an anabolic effect which, among other things, allows a significant increase in insulin sensitivity. It does not interfere with hormonal balance and is an all-natural supplement.

Abieta 8,11,13-trien-18-oic acid – 10 mg – also known as dehydroabient acid is an ingredient with a strong estrogen-blocking effect. In sports supplementation it is used as a testosterone booster. Greater restriction to aromatase enzyme activity allows for an increase in free testosterone. It is a compound naturally found in the resin of pine bark.

Afterdark Isodrol 120 caps dosage:

1 serving, 1 capsule, 2 times daily.







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