Brawn Nutrition Swole Mate 120 caps

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Brawn Nutrition Swole Mate 120 caps

45.00 39.99


Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα
Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα


Looking to get a great pump? Looking to improve your workouts and performance? Swole Mate is a revolutionary product with a convenient four capsule serving, designed to be taken prior to training; which will increase your vascularity, pump & performance via increasing nitric oxide (NO) production. The human body produces nitric oxide as a vasodilator this then signals blood vessels to relax, resulting in increased blood flow, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles; which is conducive to enhanced performance

Swole Mate supports the following:

-Increased Vascularity
-Incredible Pump
-Increased Nitric Oxide Production
-Increased Vasodilation & Blood Flow
-Increased Exercise Capacity & Endurance
-Improved Endurance & Time To Exhaustion.
-Enhanced ATP Production & Maximum Power Output.
+5 Licensed Patented Ingredients
+Clinically Dosed Ingredients
+No Proprietary Blends
+Superior Formulation
+No Expense Spared By Brawn
Each of the 5 licensed patented ingredients have been carefully selected, all of which are clinically studied and clinically dosed or better, for maximised effectiveness. At Brawn we don’t do pixie dusting or proprietary blends, we want you to know exactly what you are putting into your body. Lets look at each ingredient in the formula.
Nitrosigine® is licensed patented bonded complex developed by the company Nutrition 21. Not to be confused with standard L-Arginine which was touted as a viable and potent NO boosting compound only to be hindered by its poor oral bioavailability. Nitrosigine is a patented complex of Arginine bonded with Silicate with an Inositol base, thus creating Inositol-stabilised Arginine Silicate. The resultant complex has drastically improved bioavailability than its parent compounds as the Inositol base acts a stabiliser; significantly increasing the water solubility of Arginine & Silicate. Remember the drawback with L-Arginine was its poor bioavailability, Inositol helps stabilise and bypass this. The positive effects of this compound have been documented in Human clinical trials, which in studies has been demonstrated to significantly and rapidly raise plasma Arginine levels (40% increase) and remain elevated for numerous hours (up to 6 in studies).
Nitrosigine has demonstrated with acute dosing to do the aforementioned and also in studies with daily dosing (14 consecutive days in study) was able to raise baseline nitric oxide levels, showing a prolonged and chronic plasma nitric oxide level increase in the subjects; as measured by salivary nitrites (byproducts of endothelial NO production). This shows Nitrosigine has acute & cumulative affects. On a recent study, Nitrosigine was compared to 8000mg of 2:1 ratio Citrulline Malate (CM), the popular NO booster. The study compared the two aforementioned and a placebo group in terms of FMD (flow mediated dilation). The study concluded that CM was shown to increase FMD by 25%, Nitrosigine by 23% and placebo increased by 0.6%. The study shows that both CM and Nitrosigine increased endothelial-dependent vasodilation as measured by a change in FMD. Increased vasodilation leads to an increase in skeletal muscle blood flow, resulting in not only potential improvements in exercise performance, pumps & vascularity; but also helping with muscle growth & recovery.
We use the clinically studied dosage of 1500mg of Nitrosigine® per serving.
ViNitrox™ Is a unique and proprietary synergistic blend of Grape and Apple polyphenols developed by the company Nexira. In clinical studies ViNitrox was shown to improve & enhance performance in human subjects. When subjects supplemented with 500mg ViNitrox per day, physical capacity was increased by 10% and  the fatigue barrier delayed by 13%. Other studies on cyclists have shown that ViNitrox increased eNOS (endothelial Nitric Oxide synthase) activation by 43%, further reinforcing its inclusion in Swole Mate with its high propensity to facilitate eNOS, resulting in greater NO synthesis, vasodilation & improved blood flow; complimenting the rest of the formula. Worth noting, ViNitrox has powerful protective & anti-oxidant properties, as a clinical study showed a decrease of 74% of oxidative stress and anti-inflammatory effects as the marker chemokine decreased by almost 50%. ViNitrox has been specially formulated and proven to enhance athletic performance, further yet; shown in clinical studies to increase NO synthesis and reduce oxidative stress. This coupled with the understanding that NO is known to be a major protective factor in the cardiovascular system, make this a worthwhile addition.
We use the clinically studied dosage of 500mg of ViNitrox™ per serving.
VASO6 ™ is a licensed patented novel extract containing a proprietary mixture of polyphenolic compounds. Work smarter, not harder. VASO6 improves the bioavailability of NO by inhibiting the expression and secretion of a peptide hormone responsible for vasoconstriction and increased blood pressure called endothelin-1 (ET-1). Through inhibiting ET-1, VASO6 goes well beyond your typical NO boosting compound by minimising the strain on our heart and cardiovascular system.

Studies suggest, the NO (Nitric Oxide) production capacity of VASO6 to be significantly greater than Arginine or Citrulline. More NO in the bloodstream, results in endothelial-dependent relaxation (EDR). This is valuable for performance and VASO6 may result in:

-Delivering more oxygen to muscle for greater ATP production

-Greater vasodilation

-Increased maximum power output

-Increased exercise capacity & time to exhaustion

-Superior nutrient delivery to muscles

-An antioxidant affect.

Nitric oxide mediates muscle hypertrophy, so this is of significant interest to anyone looking to improve their body composition in the long term and conducive of any performance related goal.
We use the clinically studied dosage of 300mg of VASO6™ per serving.
S7™ Is a licensed patented unique combination of seven (7) pant-based ingredients from VDF FutureCeuticals. S7 has a completely new and different mechanism of increasing vasodilation & blood flow. S7 is a precise combination of seven plant-based ingredients that have been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) by 230% at a dosage of 50mg. What is of interest is this was in human studies, not animal studies. In a clinical setting S7 was shown to enhance the body’s own (endogenous) production of nitric oxide, without the addition of other nitric oxide precursors such as L-Citrulline or nitrates. S7 works via inhibiting mitochondrial & cellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) via antioxidants. S7 was shown to significantly inhibit cellular reactive oxygen species and inflammatory enzymes like TNF, thus the bioavailability of NO was increased by 230%. This occurs as excessive ROS production, can impair and attenuate the production of NO, thus inhibition can facilitate and improve NO bioavailability. S7 demonstrated this 230% increase in bioavailable nitric oxide (NO), at a dosage of just 50mg.
We use above clinical dosage of 100mg of S7™ per serving, to maximise this ingredients potential.

AstraGin® is a licensed patented natural ingredient complex from the company NuLivScience. This natural ingredient is comprised of highly purified and fractionated Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng extract shown to dramatically enhance nutrient bioavailability & absorption by supporting a favourable microbiome environment within the gut. Thus helping promote and maintain a healthy gut and digestive system, to further assist in utilisation of the other ingredients in Swole Mate.

We use the clinically studied and recommended dosage of 50mg of AstraGin®

Swole Mate can be stacked with any of the Brawn Nutrition products, to optimise & potentiate the affects such as; Test Complete V2, Granite & Recompagen V2 to name a few.





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