Brawn O-bol 10mg 90…



Brawn O-bol 10mg 90 caps


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Ostarine, known under another name MK- 2866, belongs to the SARM family. Its main activity is to increase muscle and increase strength and endurance. SARM has a selective effect on selected anabolic androgen receptors.

In contrast to testosterone or other anabolic steroids, Ostarin has an androgenic effect only in muscle and bone tissue. Therefore, it is used to maintain and increase lean muscle mass. In terms of performance and performance is as effective as some streams, but the side effects are definitely smaller.

Ingestion of ostarine also affects the metabolism of fat and stimulates muscles – without the side effects of anabolic steroids. MK 2866 is a much better and stronger replacement for anabolics available on the market.

The relationship is recommended for beginners, women as well as professional bodybuilders. It is one of the most frequently used and popular SARMs. Ostarine quickly builds muscle mass while reducing fat. There is also a noticeable increase in performance during exercise and an increase in energy. In addition, it increases libido and prevents injuries.

You will notice the first effects after just 14 days of use!

During the training you will feel more motivated and focused. Fast muscle recovery will allow you to extend your training, so the expected results will come quickly.


in the morning on an empty stomach at a dose of 2-4 tab. depending on the severity and purpose of use or 0.25 mg / kgmc. Such doses will also not block the release of our own testosterone.

Single portion 1 capsule
The number of portions in the package 90
Packaging of 90 capsules
Content in 1 portion (1 capsule):

mk 2866- 10 mg (ostarine)






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