Dragon Pharma Mr Veinz Stim Free 156 Gr Watermelon

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Dragon Pharma Mr Veinz Stim Free 156 Gr Watermelon

45.00 39.99


Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα
Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα


Dragon Pharma Mr. Veinz Stim Free is a new stimulant-free pre-workout booster. The formula contains a combination of ingredients with a pumping and nootropic effect. An effective pre-workout ensures maximum expansion of blood vessels, nourishing and oxygenating the muscles. It affects the achievement of a long-lasting muscle pump and increases vascularization.

Mr.Veinz contains patented formulas such as Nitrosigine®, HydroMax® and S7®. It perfectly increases the volume of muscle cells and increases the synthesis of nitric oxide by up to 230%.

It is a stimulant-free pre-workout, so you can also use it in the evening hours. The pre-workout supplement contains the patented organic Ashwagandha in the form of Noogandha with high bioavailability. The addition of nootropic ingredients increases concentration, strengthens concentration during training and reduces the effects of stress.

HydroMax – a formula based on glycerol ensures adequate hydration of muscle cells is of great importance not only for their size but also for muscle fiber contractions. Glycerol also increases blood volume and improves blood circulation in working muscles. The most important benefit of this substance for bodybuilders is the ability to bind and retain water. When glycerin reaches the muscles, it binds fluids, which makes the muscle more swollen and increases its efficiency. The mechanism of action of glycerol is similar to that of creatine. Along with water, many substances with anabolic effects and blood borne hormones reach the muscles. Through an exceptionally high dose of glycerol, Hydromax allows you to quickly obtain a muscle pump.

Nitrosigine – is a patented arginine and silicon complex that increases muscle performance. The substance significantly increases the production of nitric oxide, intensifying the feeling of a muscle pump. An advanced component of pre-workout supplements that increases blood flow and energizes for exhausting workouts.

S7 – a mixture of seven plant ingredients increasing the amount of nitric oxide (NO) by 230%. It acts as a vasodilator, thereby increasing blood flow. It helps athletes to provide more oxygen and key nutrients for muscle work during training.

AstraGin – a patent-protected blend of astragalus bark extracts and false ginseng. In supplementation, it is used due to the ability to increase the absorption of other active ingredients. Besides, it can also promote insulin sensitivity, positively influencing carbohydrate metabolism. In addition, it can show adaptogenic effectiveness, increasing the body’s tolerance to stress factors.

L-Tyrosine – is a substrate for the production of catecholamines, such as norepinephrine, adrenaline and dopamine, so it can result in better concentration, more energy and increased motivation to act. It is also used for the production of thyroid hormones, so it can be useful for people who want to raise their levels.

Lion’s Mane – it has been used as a natural nootropic for centuries. Especially widespread in China, where it was used to increase cognitive functions, improve mood and alleviate symptoms of memory loss. Lion’s Mane Mushroom increases nerve growth factor production. The peptide promotes the growth of brain tissues, including dendrites.

NooGandha – is a new form of organic ashwagandha. This ingredient improves focus, uses liposome delivery technology. By binding the ingredient with phospholipids to increase bioavailability and absorption rate. Lipids also cross the blood-brain barrier, which makes it more digestible than the regular form of Ashwaganda. A medicinal plant used in traditional eastern medicine; It is called Indian ginseng due to its adaptogenic properties, i.e. increasing the body’s resistance to stress factors, stabilizing the mood and regulating the functioning of the immune system.

Alpinia Galanga Extract – the plant belongs to the ginger family, has a protective effect on the gastric mucosa. Exotic plant extract perfectly improves the lipid profile. It stabilizes the level of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Dosage Mr. Veinz:

1 scoop 20-30 minutes before training.





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