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Freedom Formulations RAD 140 is considered one of the most effective SARMs that have been created to date.

The power of Rad 140 is primarily due to its high stability and very good bioavailability, high affinity to androgen receptors and the ability to initiate anabolic processes to a greater extent than that attributed to testosterone. The sum of these features is reflected in the promotion of muscle anabolism and effective regeneration of the skeleton and nervous system, which are necessary to create the required conditions for the intensive growth of muscle tissue. Medical research shows that RAD-140 may be effective in treating degenerative conditions. It is helpful in preserving muscle tissue, weakness and fatigue. Perfectly accelerates the healing and regeneration processes of the body.

RAD-140 users can expect fat loss gains in lean muscle mass in as little as four to six weeks.

2-Chloro-4 – ({(1R, 2S) -1- [5- (4-cyanophenyl) -1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl] -2-hydroxypropyl} amino) -3-methylbenzonitrile leads to rapid growth of muscle mass and promotes mineralization of the skeleton increasing its density. Interesting is its neuroprotective effect, which, by interfering with the signaling of the MAPK / ERK pathway, affects the process of neurogenesis, differentiation of synaptic plasticity and memory formation. Its anti-apoptotic properties are also important, as they effectively inhibit cell breakdown. RAD 140 is not converted to DHT and does not aromatize to estrogens, making it a safe compound for people prone to increased activity of these hormones.

It does not increase hair loss, does not lead to excessive prostate enlargement and does not cause gynecomastia. It leads to a significant decrease in lipids, including triglycerides as well as HDL and LDL cholesterol. Hence, it is recommended to monitor the lipid profile while taking it. It does not pose a threat to liver function, as evidenced by no noticeable elevation of liver transaminases. Freedom Research RAD-140 is an extremely powerful anabolic agent that allows you to gain a large amount of muscle mass in a short time. By supporting the loss of unnecessary fat tissue, it allows you to develop and present an aesthetic figure

Rad Freedom Formulations Dosage:

2 capsules a day.





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