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Gaspari SuperPump Aggression strong stimulation and extreme pump!

Gaspari SuperPump Aggression is a pre-workout with a strong stimulating effect. The product contains up to 400 mg of caffeine! SuperPump is a cult pre-workout that has been on the supplement market for years. It is known for its effective action and has been highly rated by trainers for years. Importantly, the product has the addition of huperzine A, which effectively increases the ability to focus and concentrate. This action translates directly into better performance and improves muscle sensation.

Gaspari SuperPump Aggression is:

  • High dose of caffeine,
  • Strong stimulation,
  • Good muscle pump,
  • Increased endurance,
  • Proven composition.

A pre-trainer with comprehensive action

SuperPump is a pre-workout that works completely. This means that it gives us the possibility of obtaining a very good stimulation, pump and muscle endurance. The product is designed for people who use classic caffeine-based pre-workouts. You won’t get a booty-shaking effect here, but the product gives you a solid action that allows you to perform a really good workout.

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Gaspari SuperPump Aggression composition:

1 serving, 18 grams:

L-cytrulline – 4000 mg – belongs to the no-boosters group of substances. Citrulline allows for a maximum muscle pump effect. Its action also has an impact on muscle endurance levels. Citrulline allows you to get better results during training, improves muscle performance and increases endurance. A dose of 4,000 mg is already a solution that gives you a solid muscle boost.

Beta Alanine – 3200 mg – is one of the substances with a muscle endurance boosting effect. Beta-alanine allows us to perform several repetitions more which translates into an increase in muscular endurance. Beta-alanine also reduces the time that is needed for full muscle recovery between series. We can significantly reduce our rest time and train intensively.

Betaine anhydrous – 2,000 mg – is an ingredient that provides excellent support for the cardiovascular system. Its action not only has health-promoting properties such as lowering homocysteine levels. Betaine also has a no-booster effect, increasing blood flow through the training muscles. Betaine also has the effect of promoting an increase in muscle protein synthesis. Studies show that regular use of betaine builds muscle. In sports supplementation, betaine is often added to pre-workout supplements, where it shows a synergistic effect with keratin, arginine and l-citrulline.

Taurine – 1500 mg – is responsible for metabolic functions. Taurine allows for a more efficient use of energy which translates into muscle power. taurine is an amino acid that has both anabolic and anti-catabolic effects. It will limit energy depletion, which protects muscle tissue from breakdown.

L-tyrosine – 1,500 mg – has a nootropic effect, allowing for better focus and concentration. Tyrosine also supports thyroid function, which will be linked to improved metabolic performance. This is very important from the point of view of obtaining energy for working muscles.

Caffeine anhydrous – 400 mg – Caffeine has an effect on adenosine receptors in the brain, thus alleviating the feeling of fatigue and sleepiness. It maintains the wakefulness effect which translates into better stimulation during training. Caffeine also has an ergogenic effect. It allows for better training performance, endurance and muscular efficiency.

N-palmitoyl ethanolamide – 300 mg – known as PEA is an ingredient that has been shown to have wide-ranging effects on the nervous system. The action in a pre-workout is to elevate mood, releasing more energy, which translates into feelings of satisfaction. PEA has a nootropic effect. It helps to reduce stress and improve mood. The supplement gives a feeling of relaxation and a desire to perform.

Choline diquinate – 200 mg – is a substance that has a strong effect on the nervous system. It is used in sports supplementation for its ability to increase concentration and focus. Furthermore, it also has a protective effect on the liver and supports lipids.

Black pepper extract (min. 95% piperine) (as BioPerine) – 5 mg – its function is to improve the absorption of the active substances of SuperPump. By influencing the enzymatic work of the liver, BioPerine is able to force our body to absorb more effectively. This makes the product containing black pepper extract more potent.

Huperzia serrata extract (std. min. 1% Huperzine A) (Club Moss) – 2 mg – is one of the natural substances that have a strong effect on the nervous system. Its action allows a significant increase in memory and concentration. However, that is not all. Huperzine also affects acetylcholine levels. This translates into exercise capacity and trainability. Huperzine significantly increases cognitive abilities. As a nootropic substance, it will support learning, memory and maintaining focus for longer periods of time.

Gaspari SuperPump Aggression dosage:

1 serving, 18 grams, 30 min before training.






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