GAT Nitraflex Pump 284 Gr Pink Lemonade

45.00 39.99


GAT Nitraflex Pump 284 Gr Pink Lemonade

45.00 39.99

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Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα
Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα


Nitraflex Pump GAT Sport pre-training formula for high training power. The pre-workout components ensure that the muscle pump is obtained during strength training. Pine Bark increases the level of nitric oxide, dilates blood vessels, eliminates muscle fatigue. Agmatine provides muscle growth and regeneration.

The formula contains CFB, a patented, clinically potent ingredient that boosts testosterone levels up to 29%. It reduces the level of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). With lower SHBG, the body has more free (thus bioavailable) testosterone in the blood. CarnoSyn increases the intensity of training and promotes the building of muscle mass. The formula without stimulants allows you to use the preparation also in the afternoon, allowing you to fall asleep easily. Due to the formula Stim-Free is also recommended for people who badly tolerate strong stimulants, does not raise the pressure.

L-Citrulline – participates in the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO) and phosphocreatine and oxygen metabolism of glucose, thereby increasing the uptake of oxygen, glucose, amino acids and creatine and energy production through muscle cells. It reduces the concentration of lactic acid and ammonia in the muscles, allowing the body to recover energy faster by increasing the level of creatine phosphate and resynthesis ATP. Citrulline malate is a much more effective form than high doses of arginine, as it is its precursor. At the same dose as arginine is more effective in increasing its amount in the body than arginine itself.

HydroMax – a patented, concentrated form of glycerol that provides super moisturizing of muscle cells for intense, long-lasting workouts. Glycerol is a naturally occurring compound in our body. Its main function is to regulate the level of fluids in tissues and blood. The benefits we derive from this phenomenon are: improved absorption of compounds taken together with glycerol, faster delivery of nutrients to cells, more anabolic environment, more visible use (associated with the movement of water from space, between muscle cells, into the blood) and more noticeable ” pump effect “during trainings.

Taurine – this amino acid increases the endurance of the body and prevents the symptoms of fatigue, and also improves our concentration. Taurine allows faster and more effective post-workout regeneration. Another important feature of this amino acid is that it reduces the negative effects of stress while we are on reduction and we use a low carbohydrate diet. Taurine also works anti-catabolic and supports the transport of creatine.

CarnoSyn– is a beta-alanine of the highest quality, which effectively raises the level of carnosine accumulated in the muscles! Carnosine is responsible for maintaining the acid-base balance. During intense contractions, it becomes unstable and if it does not cache, it may reduce the efficiency of contraction and muscle work. By writing straight – thanks to this supplement you will be able to train more and more intensively which will certainly translate into much better muscle growth!

Agmatine Sulfate – is a highly pure and natural source of agmatine produced by modern fermentation methods. Agmatine effectively increases the secretion of nitric oxide in the human body, which translates into a strong muscle pump feeling during training. Enlargement of blood vessels supports the supply of blood and nutrients to working muscles, which greatly speeds up the process of regeneration and construction of new muscle fibers. In studies using agmatine, it has been shown that its action can support protein synthesis even twice, which in addition to the action of agmatine itself, is also associated with the action increasing the supply of nutrients to muscle tissues.

Masson Pine Bark Extract – extract from the pine bark of the Mediterranean, which contains nearly 40 biologically active ingredients. The main ones are proantocyanidins belonging to the bioflavonoid group. Its use is extremely wide: it prevents cardiovascular diseases, effectively increases the body’s resistance and slows down the aging process. Pycnogenol present in the plant increases the body’s performance allowing for better results.

Calcium Fructoborate – is an organic compound containing boron, fructose and calcium. it is a form of boron, which our body can use to meet its needs. It is a chemical compound found naturally in plants, including some fruits and vegetables. Calcium fructopyranosate is also known as calcium fructoborate, CFB or organic boron. When it comes to using it as a supplement, it is relatively new and is usually performed before the training, in order primarily to increase the level of testosterone.

L-Norvaline is an organic chemical compound from the group of branched chain amino acids belonging to non-protein a-amino acids. Norwalina is an arginase inhibitor, thereby increasing arginine concentration. The biologically active enantiomer is L-norvaline. Norwalina is used to regenerate muscle tissue after exercise. Its natural origin is nuts, meat and cereals. It intensifies the anabolic and anti-catabolic action of arginine, affecting the increase of exercise capacity (strength and endurance) and causes more effective blood supply and nutrition of muscle tissue. Norwalina supports the supply of nutrients and vitamins to the muscles, which enhances and accelerates muscle building.


2 scoops 30 minutes before training





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