GeneTech Pharma Labs P.C.T RX Hardcore 90 Caps

54.00 49.99


GeneTech Pharma Labs P.C.T RX Hardcore 90 Caps

54.00 49.99

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Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα


PCT RX Hardcore is an effective preparation for use after prohormonal or steroid cycles to restore the hormonal balance of the body. The ingredients contained in the supplement will not only reduce the level of female hormones but also increase testosterone concentration, restoring sex drive and enhancing fertility. In addition, the product is ideal in the event of increased fitness effects at the gym and the strengthening of muscle mass obtained during the training cycle with the use of prohormones. Thanks to the comprehensive action of PCT RX Hardcore you will increase metabolism, reduce the level of harmful cortisol and inhibit the decrease in androgen levels causing prostate problems.

Androsta-3,5-dien-7,17-dione-arimistane is a very potent aromatase inhibitor (AI) that works through a number of different mechanisms to bring our body into an anabolic state. It lowers cortisol and estrogen levels and at the same time increases the level of free testosterone. Users using arimistane noticed a significant improvement in libido and increased strength gains in training. Effectively removes swelling and excess water from the body. It hardens muscles, increases anabolism, promotes the growth of free testosterone and improves results during training sessions. Another advantage of the supplement is a noticeable increase in libido.

5a-hydroxy Laxogenin- laksogenin is a sapogenin isolated from the Smilax sieboldii plant. The compound is one of the few ingredients that can quickly increase strength and muscle mass. While building muscle mass, laksogenina increases appetite, which helps in achieving higher body weight gains. It is worth mentioning, however, that despite the increase in appetite, people using the ingredient did not notice the increase in body fat. The substance not only facilitates the increase of lean muscle mass but also causes the loss of unnecessary fat tissue. This affects the achievement of a healthy, muscular and compact figure. Laksogenina increases protein synthesis by over 200% in the case of growth. The use of this ingredient is safe because it does not have a negative impact on the body’s hormonal balance.

Tongat Ali Extract is a herb with many proven advantages, known aphrodisiac. Men all over the world (it all started in Malaysia, hence the name of Malaysian ginseng) claim that Tongkat tea improves sexual ability. Tongkat Ali is very popular in traditional medicine, but is increasingly used among people who have problems with libido due to low testosterone levels. Tongkat Ali also called Eurycoma Longifolia Jack used as an aphrodisiac has positive effects and relatively high potency compared to other herbs. Tongkat Ali has an anti-estrogenic effect with very high potency.

Tribulus Terrestis – an extract from an earth mole is a strong plant testosterone booster. The most powerful plant anabolic formula available on the market, and at the same time absolutely safe. It strengthens the vitality of the body, increases muscle mass and strength, increases sexual performance, promotes building lean muscle mass, regulates the hormonal balance of the body, prevents prostate hypertrophy and increases the secretion of testosterone.

L-Dopa contains a key precursor for the most important neurotransmitter necessary for the proper functioning of our mind, as well as having the broadest action confirmed by scientific research. L-dopa is produced by tyrosine hydroxylase, so it is a completely natural amino acid. In addition to the significant increase in dopamine, L-dopa is also used in medicine where its properties that increase memory and concentration, as well as improving sexual functions, are particularly valued. It is also important for the optimal secretion of testosterone and growth hormone, which play an important role especially in physically active people.

Saw Palmetto Extract – obtained from saw palmetto fruit is characterized by a high content of fatty acids that have the ability to inhibit the activity of 5-alpha-reductase converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. DHT is characterized by a much higher adrenergic potential, it causes many side effects characteristic for too high level of androgens. In addition to reducing the negative effects of dihydrostestosterone activity, Saw Palmetto extract also promotes the high concentration of the male sex hormone in the blood.

Horny Goat Weed – contains a compound called icarin, which has an effect similar to sildenafil, an active substance in the most famous drug for men’s problems with the ‘blue pill’. In addition, preliminary tests showed that icarin does not have such adverse side effects as a blue pill, which should not be taken, for example, people with heart disease. IKARINE – Indeed, both empirical experiences and scientific research indicate the possibility of increasing libido due to icarin. It increases blood circulation and capillary vascularization in the muscles and genitals. This gives you the opportunity to use it both to improve sexual function and to improve the quality of your training. It turned out that it plays the role of a mediator in the formation of nitric oxide.

The mechanism of icarin’s action on the hormonal system turns out to be extremely interesting. It has been proven that they are able to control the levels of testosterone and cortisol. Actually, they increase the level of our endogenous testosterone while reducing the catabolic hormone cortisol, often referred to as the stress hormone.


3 capsules before bedtime. Do not exceed the recommended dose

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