Hammer Labz CreaStrength Nitrate Plus 405 Gr

35.00 29.99


Hammer Labz CreaStrength Nitrate Plus 405 Gr

35.00 29.99

Single portion 1 capsule
The number of portions in the package 120
Packaging of 120 capsules
Content in 1 serving (1 capsule) incl .:
2a, 17a-dimethyl-5a-androst-3-one-17b-ol 7.5 mg


2-3 capsules a day

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Hammer Labz is a new manufacturer of dietary supplements from the USA. The wide product range includes supplements with strong, active ingredients intended for advanced athletes. Effective operation and strong formulas, as well as testing and analysis of each batch of products by independent laboratories ensure the highest care for the consumer. High-quality products in clinical doses ensure the best sports results. Innovative recipes created by Hammer Labz have a chance to become the leading pre-workout supplements, muscle building preparations, prohormones, sarms and fat burners.

Crea5 Strength Hammer Labz a supplement with an anabolic effect contains a set of the most effective ingredients for building muscles and strengthening strength.

Advanced creatine stack based on the best forms of creatine, including monohydrate. It is enriched with stable forms (hydrochloride, malate and magnesium chelate), ensuring high bioavailability and synergy of action.

Crea5 Strength supplement, rich in 5 forms of creatine, is perfect for building lean muscle mass.

The combination of the best forms of creatine significantly increases strength and builds muscle mass with minimal water retention. Glycerol Monostearate affects the proper hydration of the muscle tissue, achieving the effect of full muscles.

Crea5 Strength Creatine Supplement provides ideal support for athletes as a support for strength and endurance sports.

Creatine HCL – pure creatine hydrochloride without any unnecessary flavors, dyes or preservatives. It is a highly efficient form of creatine that contributes to increasing physical efficiency, strength and muscle mass. Recommended for athletes and active people looking for an effective creatine supplement in the period of building their peak condition, which can be used even immediately before the competition because it does not cause subcutaneous water retention.

Tri-Creatine Malate – thanks to its ester bonds between creatine and malate, it is more digestible and bioavailable, thanks to which less creatine is converted into inactive creatinine. Creatine malate, after being converted into phosphocreatine in the body, takes an active part in the production of a high-energy compound, which is adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP, in turn, is an instant source of energy in short-term efforts lasting up to a few seconds. Supplementing the diet with creatine is aimed at increasing the body’s energy reserves by increasing the amount of phosphocreatine in the muscle cell. Increasing the body’s energy reserves may contribute to increasing the intensity of training, and thus to an increase in its effectiveness in building muscle mass or strength.

Magnesium Chelate Creatine – is a patented molecule of magnesium and creatine in chelated form. Thanks to this combination, the action of creatine is to be much more effective, due to better bioavailability thanks to chelate and through the use of magnesium as a creatine agonist (assistant). As creatine and magnesium play the role of energy buffers, combining these two substances in one seems to be a good solution. Creatine magnesium chelate improves the synthesis of muscle proteins, supports regeneration and accelerates the building of muscle mass.

Creatine Monohydrate – is an organic chemical compound formed in the metabolic process. It is mainly found in muscle cells. Under the influence of the enzyme (creatine kinase), it transforms into phosphocreatine, which enables faster restoration of ATP (the breakdown of high-energy ATP bonds provides energy for maximum, short-term muscle contractions). Supports protein synthesis, improves the body’s exercise capacity.

Creatine Nitrate – thanks to the use of high-quality creatine, you can achieve a significant increase in strength. Creatine is popular among active people as a dietary supplement due to its ability to serve as an energy source, especially during intense exercise. Creatine is synthesized in the liver and stored in large muscles, cardiac and skeletal tissues.

Glycerol Monostearate – glycerol hydrates muscle cells, which is of great importance not only for their size but also for muscle fiber contractions. Glycerol monostearate also increases blood volume and improves the blood supply to working muscles. The most important benefit of this substance for bodybuilders is the ability to bind and retain water. When glycerin reaches the muscles, it binds fluids, which makes the muscle more swollen and increases its efficiency. The mechanism of action of glycerol is similar to that of creatine binding water. Along with the water, many anabolic substances and blood borne hormones reach the muscles. Through an exceptionally high dose of glycerol, glycerol allows you to quickly obtain a muscle pump.

Arginine AAKG – AAKG is involved in the formation of nitric oxide and thus has the ability to expand blood vessels, allowing better blood supply to muscles and soft tissues. It indirectly participates in the synthesis of cGMP, which, together with ATP, is involved in the process of muscle contraction and has an anabolic effect. It affects the secretion of growth hormone, supports the liver regeneration process, is an important precursor for creatine. Unfortunately, the traditional form of arginine breaks down very easily in the stomach, and thus a small amount of it reaches its destination.

Crea5 Strength Dosage:

Dissolve (1 portion) the powder in 200 ml of water. Consume 1/2 servings 30-45 minutes before and 1/2 servings immediately after training. On days without training, consume 1/2 portions twice in hours similar to training days. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

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