Hardrock Methylzene New Version 100 Caps

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Hardrock Methylzene New Version 100 Caps

54.00 39.99


Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα
Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα


Methylzene is a comprehensive fat reducer intended only for advanced athletes. The multidirectional action of the product ensures a strong thermogenic effect, reducing appetite and providing energy for several hours. The use of Methylzene in combination with an appropriate reduction diet and training allows you to lose unnecessary kilograms much faster and achieve a slimmer figure and visibility of muscles. The supplement effectively increases the rate of fat burning and significantly increases the resting metabolism. It affects the improvement of well-being on a restrictive reduction diet and adds energy during training and improves concentration.

Dosage of Methyzene:

1 capsule once a day.

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per Container: 100

Caffeine Anhydrous 300mg *Hardrock Supplements
Phenylethylamine 90mg *
Ephedra Viridis 50mg *
Guarana Seed (extract) 50mg *
L-Carnitine 25mg *
Betanine Anhydrous 25mg *
Theobromine 3,7-dimethylxanthine 25mg *
N-Isopropylnorsynephrine 20mg *
Glucucoronalatone 5mg *
Alpha Yohimbe (Rauwolscine) 1mg *






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