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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Halotestin 60 caps


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HTP Halotestin 60 caps is a very potent product based on three different prohormones that target muscle mass-building support. It contains three powerful prohormones with a strong anabolic effect, which are perfect for the muscle mass-building period to support your training activities. The potent action helps you get quick results. The supplement gives huge gains in muscle strength, similar to the classic Halotestin, which belongs to pharmacological agents. It is not without reason that the manufacturer has referred here to the effects of a classic steroid, as the effects achieved with HTP Halotestin are very similar.

HTP Halotestin Effects:

  • Increases Strength & Size
  • Highly Potent Anabolic Agent
  • Increases Testosterone Levels
  • Increased Libido
  • Improves Vascularity
  • Increase In Power
  • Improves Muscle Density
  • Enhances Endurance & Recovery

To whom is HTP Halotestin recommended?
Halotestin is recommended to advanced people who expect strong action. The product works uncompromisingly, strongly enhances anabolic metabolism, and allows you to achieve significant gains in dry muscle mass in a short time. The strong effect is due to three active compounds that complement each other. The supplement is also suitable for the period of fat tissue reduction. It will allow you to intensify lipolytic processes, allowing you to burn the remaining fat on your body giving your silhouette an extreme sculpture.

1 serving, 1 capsule:
17beta-androstane-3-one,17 a-ol – also called 17-andro this substance belongs to one of the newest prohormones, similar in action to 1-testosterone. In the human body, it is converted to dihydrotestosterone, a potent prohormone with a strong androgenic effect. DHT has an excellent effect on high libido levels, enhances mood, and supports the growth of dry muscle mass. What’s more, 17beta-androstane-3-one,17 a-ol also exhibits SHGB blocking activity, which supports testosterone levels.

4-Androstene-3B-ol-17-one – or 4-DHEA is a precursor of testosterone. In the body, 4-DHEA is converted to testosterone, which gives us a completely new opportunity to increase anabolism and build muscle mass. The substance has a very strong muscle-building effect, strongly supports muscle strength growth, and allows you to achieve much better training results. 4-Androsten-3B-ol-17-one does not aromatize and is not converted to estrogen, which makes it possible to achieve the effect of dry and hard muscles.

3B-Hydroxyethioallocholan-17-one – also called epiandrosterone, is a prohormone from the unmethylated group, which means it is safe for the liver. In the body, epiandrosterone is converted to testosterone, which gives us similar effects as using anabolic agents that are based on testosterone. It works very well as a means of increasing muscle mass, but it is also often used on a reduction, as an element that helps maintain muscle mass, giving it a detailed look.








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