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Holy Grail Holy Yohimbine HCL 100 caps fat burner

Holy Grail Holy Yohimbine HCL 100 caps is a powerful fat burner that allows us to crack down on the most resistant areas on the body. Yohimbine is known for its potency, stimulation, as well as powerful thermogenesis. It is ideal for those who want to get as low fat as possible. In sports supplementation yohimbine is mainly used for fat reduction, but also not only. Nowadays it is quite a fashionable addition to pre-workout supplements. Therefore, yohimbine in HCL version, can also be a good addition to your own pre-workout stack.

Holy Grail Holy Yohimbine HCL 100 caps:

  • Pure yohimbine hydrochloride,
  • High dose per capsule,
  • Powerful thermogenesis,
  • Appetite suppression,
  • Strong stimulation,
  • Accelerates weight loss.

How does yohimbine support the reduction of resistant fat?

Yohimbine aids in the reduction of resistant fat, that is, fat that is difficult to remove in certain areas of the body, thanks to its effect on alpha-2 adrenergic receptors and fatty acid mobilization. Let’s analyze the mechanism of action of yohimbine in the context of burning resistant fat:

Blocking alpha-2 adrenergic receptors: Yohimbine acts as an antagonistic blocker of alpha-2 adrenergic receptors, which are located on the surface of fat cells. These receptors, when activated, inhibit the release of fatty acids from fat cells, making it difficult to burn them. Yohimbine blocks these receptors, leading to increased lipolysis, or fat breakdown.

Fatty acid mobilization: Due to its blockade of alpha-2 adrenergic receptors, yohimbine increases the amount of fatty acids released from fat cells into the bloodstream. In this way, it mobilizes fat to be burned in the metabolic process.

Increased blood flow: Yohimbine has vasodilatory properties, meaning that it dilates blood vessels. Increasing blood flow in areas with resistant fat can help improve fat burning.

What to combine yohimbine with?

A yohimbine-based supplement can be combined with other stimulants that exhibit a synergistic effect. It is recommended to combine with caffeinetyrosinedmhasynephrine and nootropic supplements.

Holy Grail Holy Yohimbine HCL 100 caps composition:

1 serving, 1 capsule:

Yohimbine HCL – 10 mg – is yohimbine hydrochloride in its pure form. It is usually extracted synthetically. Yohimbine HCL is a single alkaloid that is found in Yohimbe extracts. Yohimbine HCL is the best-known form of yohimbine, which is widely used in fat burners or as a single substance. Yohimbine affects neurotransmitter levels, stimulates thermogenic processes, and enhances fat breakdown. It allows you to get a good boost and increases the intensity of your workout.

Holy Grail Holy Yohimbine HCL 100 caps dosage:

1 serving, 1 capsule, 20-30 min before workout.






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