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I-Prevail PW nitric Forge Pump 384g Blue Razz


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Forge PW nitric oxide boosting formula huge muscle pump will blow your mind!

L- Prevail Forge PW pre-workout designed to enhance blood flow to muscle cells resulting in an intensified muscle pump. The most effective vasodilator ingredients including citrulline, agmatine, Pine Bark extract ensure the free flow of nutrients to the muscles.

Forge PW nitric oxide boosting formula is:

  • A powerful no booster,
  • No stimulants in the formulation,
  • Improved training comfort,
  • Increased intensity.

How does Forge PW nitric oxide boosting formula work?

The addition of the advanced pumping formula Amentopump® increases calcium levels in the muscles and influences their full appearance. The success of full muscle contraction is the release of calcium into the muscle cells. The more calcium available for muscle tissue to use, the greater the strength of the contraction.

AmentoPump is an interesting alternative to pre-workout supplements containing caffeine. It helps channel calcium directly into muscle cells. Unlike caffeine, amentoflavone is 20 times more effective in raising calcium concentrations. In addition to enhancing the breakdown of fat tissue, it interacts with the GABA receptor. It exhibits a stimulating effect by increasing alertness and focus.





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