Immortal Creatine monohydrate Micronized 500 Gr

38.00 26.99


Immortal Creatine monohydrate Micronized 500 Gr

38.00 26.99

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Immortal Epic Creatine high quality creatine monohydrate

Immortal Epic Creatine is a creatine monohydrate with a high degree of fineness. The action of creatine allows for much better training results. It supports the development of muscle mass and strength. Creatine is the most powerful dietary supplement available on the market. Its action allows the activation of significant anabolic processes, which contributes to increased protein synthesis. Creatine will allow you to achieve much better results in a shorter time!

Immortal Epic Creatine is:

  • A powerful anabolic,
  • Increase in muscle mass,
  • Increase in strength,
  • Improved silhouette appearance,
  • Myostatin blocker.

How does Immortal Epic Creatine work?

Creatine’s ability to stimulate protein synthesis is the primary characteristic that accounts for its widespread use. Due to its anticatabolic and anabolic properties, which translate into faster muscle development in terms of mass and strength, as well as endurance and speed, creatine is widely used in many sports. This is what makes creatine such a popular supplement. However, it is important to remember that creatine supplementation should be stretched over time. It is not a supplement which has an immediate effect. We can note the first effects after about 3-4 weeks of regular supplementation.

Creatine’s function also includes the rebuilding of ATP. This is a high-energy compound which is responsible for storing and supplying energy to muscle cells. This is particularly important for strength-typical exercises, which focus on the use of muscle power during exercise. Thanks to this action, you are able to perform a harder workout. Creatine is used in endurance events, as well as in speed competitions, as it provides an additional source of energy. There is practically no type of exercise where creatine would not help the person training.

Creatine effectively supports muscle regeneration!

It has been shown to have a beneficial effect on tissue regeneration in many studies that have been conducted on creatine to analyse its properties. This translates into supporting the regeneration of muscles that are damaged by exercise. With creatine, they recover more quickly to their full potential, allowing for longer and more intense workouts. This is another factor that influences the extent to which different sports use this dietary supplement. The quicker your muscles are ready to exert themselves, the more often and harder you can train.

Immortal Epic Creatine composition:

1 serving, 5 grams:

Creatine monohydrate – 3.25g – this is the most popular and best researched form of creatine. Its action focuses on improving strength performance, but also more than that. With the right diet, creatine accelerates the building of muscle mass. It has a strong anabolic effect. It allows an increase in muscle volume through the accumulation of glycogen and water. Creatine also increases testosterone levels. It reduces the activity of cortisol and myostatin.

L-Taurine – 0.45 mg – is an excellent complement to the action of creatine. Taurine is responsible for a number of anabolic and anti-catabolic processes. In sports supplementation, it is used as a support element for creatine. Taurine can also be found in typical pre-workout stacks. Taurine also allows for greater water accumulation in muscle tissues, which can give a feeling of greater muscle pump.

Immortal Epic Creatine dosage:

1 serving, 5g per day.







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