iMuscle VENOM | 90 Caps

177.00 129.99


iMuscle VENOM | 90 Caps

177.00 129.99

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You will literally burn your fat, you will relieve your muscles, your veins will look like ropes, iMuscle VENOM is like a poison for your fat, created to kill them once and for all!

The dose of each capsule contains…

  • Cardarine GW-501516 /10MG – Our most popular product for durability and cutting fat
  • Stenabolic SR-9009 /10MG – The new addition to our range accelerates metabolic processes, the body specifically in white adipose tissue and glycogen.
  • Andarine S4 /15MG – Underestimated but very useful SARM, which blocks the body’s function to accumulate fat and increase protein synthesis.

Positive qualities of iMuscle VENOM combo SARM

iMuscle VENOM e SARMs series for complete fat elimination!

The main positive effects are:

  • Fast action, 30 minutes after ingestion
  • Inflow of energy and indescribable endurance
  • Increase the energy and explosiveness of muscle fibers
  • Accelerate metabolism
  • Burning of both types of adipose tissue white and brown
  • Increase the flow of oxygen and blood to the muscle fibers
  • Increase glycogen in muscles and decrease fat deposits
  • Relief of muscles and highly pronounced veins
  • Improved protein synthesis and strength
  • Lean muscle mass

How to use iMuscle VENOM

What you can use the iMuscle VENOM SARM combo for, how long you can take it in what doses and what to expect you will find out in a moment…

Cycle length

Because iMuscle VENOM contains Andarine S4, a short-lived androgenic SARM with a shorter half-life is recommended.

The optimal cycle with iMuscle VENOM is an intake not longer than 4 to 6 weeks (max).

You can register in our SARM forum, where you will quickly and easily get answers to your questions from real users who have tried iMuscle VENOM or individual SARMs in this combination.

iMuscle VENOM Dosage

The dose of iMuscle VENOM is 3 capsules for men.

Because Andarine S4 has a short half-life of about 6 hours

Take 2 capsules about 45 minutes before training or divide the capsules between training activities if there is more than 1 per day.

On weekends, the intake is reduced, 1 tablet per day, in the morning on an empty stomach. In women, the intake remains 1 tablet on weekends and training days.

What can you stack the iMuscle VENOM series with?

SARM supplements that can be applied to the iMuscle VENOM series are for individual use:

For Muscle Gains

You can combine it with iMuscle VENOM or single products such as Ostarine, Ligandrol and Testolone.


What results can you expect from iMuscle VENOM

Visually, you will be able to lose 4 to 6 kg of fat in an interval of 6 weeks, if you follow a low calorie intake.

In addition to abruptly losing fat, you will have a chance to gain 1 to 2 kg of muscle mass, provided that there is enough protein in your diet.

iMuscle VENOM targets both white and brown adipose tissue, which means that the yo-yo effect that exists with abrupt weight loss will not be a problem.

Post-cycle therapy

iMuscle VENOM DOES NOT REQUIRE post-cycle therapy, but taking products from the second option, which you will see below, will benefit you because it will increase the production of your own testosterone. This way you will be able to gain more muscle mass while clearing your body of fat.

  • Vitamin D3 – 2500 to 5000 iu per day
  • Zinc 30mg per day
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C
  • Folic Acid

Learn more about post-cycle therapy with SARMs and see our offers.

SARM independent Purity and Quality test

We test every individual product batch in an independent European lab. Testing is mainly done for financial reasons and customer safety.






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