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Innovative Labs Wicked 300 Gr Punishing Punch


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Wicked Innovative Laboratories world-renowned pre-workout from the USA, in a new version, this time in an equally potent DMHA version. The formula is based on three sets of the most effective new-generation ingredients:

  • N.O Amplification Matrix- creates maximum muscle pumps.
  • Anabolic Cell Volumizer- provides growth, new muscle cells.
  • Neurogenic Energizers- increases energy at the cognitive level, improving the functioning of neuronal networks.

Innovative Laboratories Wicked is:

  • Powerful stimulation,
  • Thermogenic effects,
  • Increase in endurance and strength,
  • Support for anabolism,
  • Powerful muscle pump.

Innovative ingredients with scientifically proven effects: as guanidinopropionic acid, agmatine silicate, taurine, red grape extract, D-Rybose, Rauwolfia Serpentina enriched with DMHA constitute an extremely effective pre-workout formula for athletes who are looking for the best solutions to ensure maximum training benefits. Intense energy, increased muscle mass, a sizeable pump, fast recovery, extreme focus, increased strength and improved well-being are all effects that accompany training with Wicked.







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