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Kilo Labs Adapta Test 120 caps

Original price was: 64.00€.Η τρέχουσα τιμή είναι: 49.99€.

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Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα
Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα


Kilo Labs Adapta Test is a natural testosterone booster that provides high quality plant extracts with significant biological effects. The supplement is designed for people who are looking to boost testosterone levels in an all-natural way. The supplement contains active compounds derived from the best and proven extracts. Its action allows for a significant improvement in the appearance of the silhouette, well-being and training possibilities.

Kilo Labs Adapta Test is:

  • An increase in testosterone levels,
  • Increase in muscle strength,
  • Support for muscle mass gain,
  • Improved wellbeing,
  • Increased libido,
  • Improved sexual performance.

Who is a testosterone booster recommended for?

Testosterone declines with age. It turns out that the current lifestyle, poor nutrition, lack of sufficient exercise makes men lose the ability to maintain high testosterone levels even faster. This situation causes sexual performance to decline, physical condition to deteriorate and mood to take a heavy hit. Kilo Labs Adapta Test provides plant-based ingredients, adaptogens, which sustain high testosterone production. They take care of a better functioning of the endocrine system, thus lowering cortisol and estrogen levels. The product improves body function, increases vitality and libido.

Kilo Labs Adapta Test composition:

1 serving, 4 capsules:

Horny Goat Weed – 800 mg – is an herb that has historically been used to improve sexual health, as well as to treat various conditions, including kidney and skeletal diseases. The plant is often referred to as a ‘natural aphrodisiac’. It is known to increase testosterone production, boost libido, improve circulation, normalise cortisol levels and increase lean muscle mass. It is excellent for erection problems, effectively enabling improved sexual function.

Tribulus Terrestris – 450 mg – increases natural testosterone levels, leading to better libido, prostate health, increased fertility and improved sexual function. Maintaining high testosterone levels also translates into improved body composition. Tribulus terrestris has been called a ‘natural aphrodisiac’, and taking it can help you maintain a healthy body and feel more energetic. It is also one of the adaptogens.

Indole 3 Carbinol – 450 mg – is a naturally occurring compound that can be discovered in kale, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. It contributes to the maintenance of healthy estrogen metabolism. Designed to help maintain a healthy hormonal balance. The substance is called an aromatase inhibitor. It helps to reduce the conversion of testosterone to oestrogen. This action improves the testosterone/estrogen ratio.

Ashwagadnha – 250 mg – is well appreciated for its thyroid modulating, neuroprotective, anti-anxiety, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties. These qualities are just some of the many benefits that ashwagandha offers. This remarkable herb has shown the ability to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and rebalance thyroid hormones. Its action may contribute to hormone optimisation. Lower cortisol levels promote testosterone production.

Tongkat Ali – 200 mg – is a supplement that can help increase energy levels and boost testosterone levels. Tongkat Ali has significant potential in the treatment of various sexual dysfunctions. The effects of this plant have been shown to help with sexual performance, muscle development and sperm generation. is widely used is a supplement to support physical performance.

DHEA – 50 mg – also known as dehydroepiandrosterone, is a steroid hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands. According to a number of studies, DHEA has a number of positive health effects, including improved immune response and the ability to combat excessive cortisol. People who have higher amounts of the hormone DHEA are said to have more vitality and feel younger. Because DHEA can be converted into testosterone, it is a highly desirable substance for those interested in body shape changes.

Boron – 10 mg – can raise free testosterone levels. It also exhibits aromatase inhibitor activity, which translates into an increase in total testosterone levels in the body.

Kilo Labs Adapta Test dosage:

1 serving, 4 capsules daily.

Kilo Labs Adapta Test 120 caps





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