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NutriFitt Carnage BLOODLUST 80 caps


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If you are looking for a pre-workout that will give you a real experience and improve your results, NutriFitt Carnage Bloodlust is the right choice for you. Our pre-workout was created for the most demanding athletes who strive to achieve their maximum. The product is intended for advanced people who love a strong muscle pump and performance-increasing effects! Individual additives have been selected in such a way as to have a synergistic effect. It allows you to increase pump, strength and muscle endurance.

How does Carnage pre-workout work?

Maximum muscle pump
Thanks to the advanced NutriFitt Carnage formula, you will have access to unlimited muscle pump. You will feel your strength and endurance increase, allowing you to take on any challenge. The synergistic composition makes your body explode from the pump!

Increased efficiency
Our pre-workout improves blood flow to the muscles, which translates into better performance and muscle pump. This means you’ll reach your training goals faster than ever. NutriFitt Carnage helps you push your limits and achieve higher levels of performance.

High level of focus and concentration
NutriFitt Carnage not only provides energy to the muscles, but also improves concentration and focus. This helps you avoid distraction and maximize training effectiveness. When you are focused on your goal, achieving it becomes much easier.

Increases motivation
Our pre-workout helps you get the most out of yourself, which in turn strengthens your motivation to train regularly. Whether you are a professional athlete or simply passionate about a healthy lifestyle, NutriFitt Carnage will help you maintain a high level of commitment to training.





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