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OxyElite Pro is one of the best-functioning supplements supporting fat burning. The company USP Labs is characterized by the fact that supplements that are launched on the market in a short time become bestsellers. OxyELITE Pro through the use of appropriate ingredients effectively blocks the appetite for sweets and has a stimulating effect, which means that despite the supply of low amount of carbohydrates you have a lot of energy needed during training.

OxyElite Pro undoubtedly can be counted among the strongest and the most effective supplements to help burn fat, which currently exist and are available in production and sales. OxyElite Pro is not another fat burner, which you do not feel at all, and you have to wait for results for months. Already after the first portion of OxyElite Pro, you will feel an increase in energy, so you can conduct long and extremely intensive workouts.

OxyElite Pro burns quickly and permanently in several ways. First, it speeds up the metabolism. Secondly, it increases the intensity of training, suppresses appetite, raises the level of noradrenaline, and as a result – thermogenesis (heat production) in the body increases. It releases free fatty acids from fat stores, thanks to which they can be burned and converted into energy. OxyElite Pro directs the body to burn fat as a source of energy. OxyElite Pro is a powerful weapon in the fight against the difficult to get rid of fat, which in men is usually located in the abdominal area, while in women in the lower parts of the body.

DMAA – active substance that effectively provides strong stimulation. Indirectly stimulates the increase of the adrenaline level in the body and directly activates adrenergic receptors. It provides a strong increase in energy, arousal and concentration. In combination with caffeine, its effectiveness increases. Geranium, after penetration into the nervous system, stimulates the release of dopamine, thanks to which it provides focus and a good mood that is crucial during the training.

Yohimbe- alkaloid from the bark of the johimby tree. It is an alpha-adrenergic receptor antagonist, thanks to which it can promote fat burning, especially in characteristic sites referred to as resistant. It also shows stimulating and improving sexual performance. In this preparation it is in the form of yohimbine HCl and alpha-yohimbine HCl.

Bacopa Monnieri – stimulates the central nervous system. It mainly affects the limbic system. It improves the processes of remembering, associating and reproducing information. Bacopa components belong to strong scavengers of free radicals and peroxides. They activate the processes of detoxifying the body. They inhibit inflammation in the body. In addition, they support tissue renewal and regeneration processes.

Bauhinia Purpurea- purple orchid, a plant used in the Far East. She is known for her mood-improving and energy-enhancing properties. Thanks to the influence on the synthesis of T3 and T4, it is readily used during reduction. It boosts metabolism and improves fat burning in the body.


1 tablet in the morning in the second half of the afternoon






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