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Swiss Pharmaceuticals BOLADROL 50 capsules


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BOLADROL  consists of the best combination of SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) designed to increase muscle mass. The product is designed to gain quality muscle mass, strength and prevents fat storage. The main composition consists of Ibutamorene (30mg), Ligandrol (15mg) and GW501516 (15mg). The product is designed to gain muscle mass – the effects appear very quickly. The product is primarily intended for advanced athletes and professionals.

The product was developed in collaboration with professional athletes under the strict supervision of qualified professionals.

– increases GH levels

– permanent muscle growth

– pharmaceutical quality

– gaining quality muscle mass

– increase in strength

– fast regeneration


Take 1 capsule with 250 ml of water daily 30 minutes before and 2 hours after a meal. High dosage for advanced users should be consulted with your doctor in advance.

The product is intended for research and scientific purposes.





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