VPX ShotGun 5X ignite muscle genes 574 Gr

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VPX ShotGun 5X ignite muscle genes 574 Gr

54.00 45.99


Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα
Προσθήκη στα Αγαπημένα


VPX ShotGun 5X SHOTGUN 5X is an advanced VPX muscle building supplement, using a mixture of patented formulas:

Protein Hydrolysate Matrix whey protein hydrolyzate and casein with high bioavailability. The ideal source of protein provides the body with the building blocks for the growth and development of muscle mass.

Branched Chain Ethyl Ester Amino Acid Matrix Amino Acid Ethyl Ester Matrix With Branched Chains. The formula of amino acids in the esterified form perfectly increases the bioavailability and intensifies anabolism.

Proprietary Muscle volumizing, NO2, Insulinotrophic and Glutamine Matrix creatine in the form of five forms of gluconate, monohydrate, taurate, magnesium chelate and disodium phosphate tetrahydrate. Supplementing the diet with creatine is aimed at increasing the body’s energy reserves by increasing the amount of phosphocreatine in the muscle cell. Increasing the body’s energy reserves may contribute to increasing the intensity of training, and thus to increasing its effectiveness in building muscle mass or strength.

Power, Speed, Strength and Endurance Matrix is ​​a mixture of beta alanine, histidine and phosphates. It increases the production of carnosine and protein building blocks that help prevent the aging of the body. The compound supports the proper functioning and development of muscles. It affects the reduction of muscle fatigue, which can help your muscles work better during training.

Redline Energy & Meltdown Fat Burning Technology is a blend of anhydrous caffeine, hordein and tyrosine. Anhydrous caffeine increases the concentration of key neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine and adrenaline, and in slightly smaller amounts dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine. It can reduce the perceived fatigue due to competition for adenosine receptors, which has a nervous system inhibitory effect. It also reduces the activity of phosphodiesterases in cells, thanks to which it is possible to increase the amount of cAMP and burn fat more efficiently.

The perfect pre-training formula supports protein synthesis and accelerates regeneration. Compounds such as creatine, Beta Alanine and branched chain amino acids BCAA in combination with ethyl esters ensure maximum absorption of ingredients. The ethyl ester compounds used in the SHOTGUN 5X pre-workout help the muscle-building ingredients enter the bloodstream almost 100% intact, unlike ingredients without the ethyl ester technology.

Advanced technology with the use of ethyl ester transports compounds across the membranes of muscle cells, ensuring the growth of powerful muscle mass. Active ingredients supporting fat burning with REDLINE technology ensure quick loss of unwanted kilograms without affecting muscle loss. BCAA and fractionated protein peptides support the maximum synthesis of muscle proteins and increase nitrogen retention, affecting the building of muscle mass.

The BPOV Bis Picolinato Oxo Vanadium formula promotes insulin secretion and increases insulin sensitivity – one of the most anabolic hormones of all. Beta-Alanine is helpful in intense short-term workouts such as weight lifting. Some people taking beta-alanine may notice a slight tingling sensation known as paraesthesia. The tingling occurs because beta-alanine dilates the blood vessels, allowing more oxygen and blood to be delivered to the muscles.

SHOTGUN 5X is one of the most effective pre-training boosters for athletes with high physical intensity. The supplement provides a substantial muscle pump long after the end of training. The use of SHOTGUN 5X in combination with intense training ensures an increase in muscle mass without the deposition of adipose tissue.


Mix one scoop of VPX Shotgun 5X with 300 ml of water, use 30 minutes before training.






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